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Won't it be lovely to be a touch away from your new and 

existing customers?

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While keeping with your professional appearance, we at AppNerd makes sure to add our creative and artistic flair to give your mobile app that unique appearance and theme.


Mobile Phone

As mobile devices develop so does our ability to develop mobile applications. Each of our applications are tested on various Android and iOS devices prior to testing by the customer.


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Our mobile applications are developed to function the same way on every device. All content is stored on our cloud service which does not affect the user's device performance or storage space.


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Core Technology We Use With Our Services


All our mobile applications are designed using X code for iOS and Android Studio for Android devices while keeping the core technology standards


Designed for all Android and iOS based devices. 


All content for mobile applications are hosted on AppNerd's cloud server, approved by iOS and Android for storage.

Our mobile packages vary based on the development, time, and project type. When requesting a quote please be specific in relation to the type of mobile app, for example, e-commerce, basic, booking, informative, education, etc. This will allow us to provide you with the best possible pricing and package.


Please bear in mind that all our mobile application design and development packages includes hosting packages for the iOS and Android stores. These are hosted on secured servers that are pre-approved for hosting of the content and the application files.

Mobile App

We do not design or develop windows based applications. The applications are all submitted under AppNerd’s developer profile for both stores. If you wish to have it submitted under your company name please let us know.


Please bear in mind that while Google submissions can take 24 to 48 hours iOS submissions can take up to four weeks. During the submission process all graphics and media related content for the app will be create by our theme to ensure that your application is informatively displayed in both stores allowing users to fully understand and learn about your app before downloading.