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Responsive Website


We specialize in creating unique & creative marketing & e-commerce websites to suit your professional & artistic taste.

People Working in Open Office

We want your customers to visit your website and be in awe but more importantly leave satisfied. Therefore our websites are designed to stand out from the rest and leave them impressed.



While keeping with your professional appearance, we at AppNerd makes sure to add our creative and artistic flair to give your website that extra pop that it needs to stand out.


Website Mockup

It is the worse when you are browsing a website and it takes forever to load. Here at AppNerd design and develop website that are not resource intensive to ensure a smooth and enjoyable browsing experience


Designing on a Tablet

It is important, like your company that your website keeps up with the current time. It is for this reason we make sure our websites are always up to date in design and technology.


Responsive Website

Within the world of growing web browsers and mobile devices, it is important to ensure that your website is able to be viewed by each and every potential customer. We make sure of this.


Designing on a Tablet

On a daily, weekly or monthly basis your business will be going through changes. Your website would need to adapt without doing a complete overhaul and with our modular design you can simply add or remove as time progresses.



Some of our past work

Realty With Marlene.jpg
The 420 Place.jpg
Enalia Beauty Bar.jpg
M.Jones Realty.jpg
Suburban Life.jpg
Elliam Contracting Inc.jpg
Dragonfly Wingman.jpg
Nature's Power Pet Remedies.jpg
The Stor-Age Shop.jpg
Gran Couva Essentials.jpg
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